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About Freedom Advantage

Freedom Advantage is a licensed carrier that is domiciled and admitted in Pennsylvania. Its focus is to provide workers compensation for transportation risks.

FSR for Freedom Advantage Insurance CompanyFreedom Advantage was licensed and granted its authority to write workers compensation policies effective January 1, 2004. Being a relatively new and small regional carrier, Freedom Advantage has chosen not to be rated by A.M. Best, but as of 12/9/2009 has achieved a Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A.

In order to help establish a bonafide workers’ compensation program for its valued clients, principals of Research Underwriters have taken an ownership position in the company, which technically qualifies it as a “broker controlled insurer.”

Research Underwriters is a long established agency/broker domiciled in Pittsburgh, PA, which has specialized in the transportation business for over fifty years and is quite familiar with the needs and concerns for this vital area.

Research Underwriters will continue to use its other insurance markets when they are available and competitive. With limited markets available to the transportation industry and continuing down-grades and failures of many large and prominent insurance carriers, principals at Research Underwriters felt compelled to step in to try to bring some stability to this important market sector.

If you have any questions about our company, please contact us.